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HLB Reliance (Zambia) member firm welcome you to our website which is dedicated to providing top-tier advisory services to our clients looking to do business in Zambia and abroad. HLB Reliance provides a full range of Accounting & Payroll, Auditing, Taxation, Consulting & Advisory, Corporate Financing, Company Formation and Corporate Social Responsibility, along with our first class client service offering.

As a member of HLB International we have focus on international business, quality and personal service. Quality is the key driving force, reinforced by regular quality assurance reviews of all member firms by HLB International, an up-to-date ISA compliance international audit manual and membership of external professional bodies focused on quality issues.

HLB Reliance (Zambia) is a member firm of HLB International and is well established locally and nationally. As a member firm we maintain close contact with HLB International members through international referral engagements, attending regular meetings and conferences, while communicating bulletins and newsletters.

HLB Reliance (Zambia) - Strategic Offering

  • Complementary services means HLB Reliance offices can work together to meet all client needs
  • Having 2 offices within Zambia gives simple and direct access to partners for potential clients
  • Regardless of size or location, the service offering from HLB Reliance (Zambia) member firms will ensure delivery of resources for specific projects would never be an issue
  • Strength in diversity, with different backgrounds and expertise HLB Reliance (Zambia) member firm offices will unify to present a holistic service offering greater than the sum of its parts
  • The HLB International global approach supports member firm clients wanting to expand outside their own territory, as well as those operating internationally

HLB Reliance (Zambia) is a partnership of HLB Reliance member firm of HLB International, a world-wide network of independent accounting firms and business advisers. HLB International’s global member firms are well-respected for responsive, timely and high-quality service.

HLB Reliance (Zambia) currently has 1 member firm (as of April 2015) dedicated to providing top-tier advisory services to clients looking to do business in Zambia and abroad.

HLB Reliance (Zambia) currently has one specialist partner with a combined staff of over X, covering all areas of Accounting & Payroll, Auditing, Taxation, Consulting & Advisory, Corporate Financing, Company Formation and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Clear, confident communications through our bilingual advisers

HLB Reliance (Zambia) - based bilingual accountants will communicate with you from start to finish in your preferred language. Meetings and conference calls are concluded faster and more easily, and everyone on your team will fully understand the advice and implications of what is being discussed.

Understanding and sensitivity to cultural differences

HLB Reliance (Zambia) advisers have many years’ experience and are aware of both the cultural, and commercial differences affecting trade between your country and Zambia. They will advise you on matters such as tax planning and the implications of using different business vehicles.

Instant access to a network of reliable business contacts

Through our country desks, you have instant access to our network of Zambian-based business contacts who deal regularly with investors from your country. Our partners and managers can introduce you to reliable contacts such as bankers, solicitors, relocation advisers, distributors and chamber of commerce members.

If you are expanding into the Zambian market, conducting business can be difficult if English is not your first language.

Even if you do speak English fluently, differences in culture and accepted business practice, can still lead to delays and unnecessary costs.

HLB Reliance (Zambia) country desks are designed to let you do business in Zambia, more easily and with greater confidence. Our bilingual advisers are very experienced - either at partner or managerial level. They will explain complex technical matters clearly in your language so that, no matter how complex the business issue, everyone understands our advice and there is no room for doubt.

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HLB Zambia

Zambia is one of the world’s fastest economically reformed countries. The official language of Zambia is English, which is used to conduct official business and is the medium of instruction in schools. With Portuguese being introduced into the school curriculum, due to the presence of a large Portuguese-speaking Angolan community, French commonly studied in private schools and German being introduced to the University of Zambia (UNZA), the country provides a multi-linguistic population.

Zambia being a landlocked country in Southern Africa, it is an attractive location for foreign companies and business owners. HLB Reliance (Zambia) partner with our HLB International colleagues provide clients with a seamless service in line with HLB International’s international standards for quality and service delivery.

With our two office locations and complementary service offerings the HLB Reliance (Zambia) member firm provides the full range of Accounting & Payroll, Auditing, Taxation, Consulting & Advisory, Corporate Financing, Company Formation and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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HLB International Corporate Brochure

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Doing Business in Zambia

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About HLB Reliance (Zambia)

  • The Zambian Partnership of HLB International member firms
  • Two locations within Zambia (Lusaka & Kitwe)
  • Separate and independent member firms
  • The member firm, has full service Accounting, Advisory and Taxation practices, with a dedicated HLB International contact partner