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15 Jul

The reform of dismissal rules in Italy

With the “Jobs Act”, the Italian government, in attempting to undertake structural reform to increase Italy’s long- term potential growth, has been given a mandate to introduce measures aimed to simplify and rationalise employment protection. The reform attempted to make the job market more flexible, primarily through the Decree No. 23/2015 (entered into force 7th

20 Jun

Major VAT Changes for UK Construction Services

The way in which VAT is charged on construction services in the UK will change in 2019, as a result of new anti-fraud rules.  Around half of UK construction businesses are expected to be affected.   Why are new rules needed?  The UK VAT authority (HM Revenue and Customs or ‘HMRC’) believes £100m of revenue

15 Jun

Does your business have a client relationship strategy?

Six tips to building better relationships with your clients The way that businesses go about managing their client relationships can vary greatly. Nevertheless, there are a few basic tenets of client relationships that hold true, regardless of the size or primary purpose of your business.   Plan ahead Building client relationships is a long-term strategy