06 Jun

US tax reform impacts inbound foreign companies

As 2017 ended, the United States (US) government implemented a sweeping tax reform that impacts non-US companies doing business in the US. If you do business in or operate a subsidiary in the US, here are some key changes to consider:   Reduced corporate tax rate  The US has been well known as having one of the highest corporate tax rates

21 May

The economic impact of Ramadan on the food sector

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Fasting Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims fast from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn until dusk. The main objective behind fasting is to get closer to God, feel the life of the less fortunate and encourage healthy lifestyle. Hours of fasting

14 May

Building a charity that thrives: key factors for successful governance and management of NFPs

Is Not-For-Profit a sustainable objective? As the name suggests, Not-For-Profit organisations (NFPs) such as charities, foundations, institutions, and even political groups, are characterised by the objective of creating ‘social’ rather than ‘material’ value. This raises questions about their sustainability and ability to thrive. What are key drivers for successful governance and management of NFPs? This

02 May

Scaling up: Global has never been more accessible

While traditionally international expansion was a model followed by large corporates, nowadays global mobility and advancements in technology and communications have made it far more accessible to smaller companies and start-ups to scale up internationally and take a business global. International expansion is seen today as just another box to tick on the ‘entrepreneurial checklist’.

23 Apr

Succession planning for family businesses

Many people like the idea of a son, daughter, or other family member, taking over the business when they retire, but they need to think carefully about this approach. There is often a balance to be found between helping out the next generation and passing on the “family jewels” to them, and providing sufficiently for

11 Apr

Nonprofit board governance: The path to nonprofit success

Across the globe, nonprofit boards are being challenged in new ways, and board governance is more important today than ever. Through a recent study Board Governance: The Path to Nonprofit Success by HLB firm Green Hasson Janks (GHJ), we explore key factors for successful board governance of nonprofit organisations.