29 Jan

2019 VAT updates from the Netherlands

Reduced VAT rate The reduced VAT rate has been increased to 9 percent per 1 January 2019. Zero rate for seagoing vessels From 1 January 2019 the VAT zero rate for supplies of goods and services to commercial seagoing vessels is restricted to ships used for at least 70% on the high seas, outside the

23 Jan

Real Estate trends 2019

As a Real Estate professional, you want to have your finger on the pulse of the changes going on so you know what to expect and can plan how to react. But in an industry that tends to shift more than most, it is difficult to know what is real and what is simply postulation.

22 Jan

The impact of Industry 4.0 on society

This week Davos, Switzerland once again becomes the centre of the world, or should we say centre of the future, as world leaders come together at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. This year’s topic ‘Globalisation 4.0: Shaping a global architecture in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ sparks a crucial dialogue to prepare

15 Jan

HLB International Tax Webinar Eps 3: Trends in Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing continues to be one of the biggest international tax issues facing businesses operating world-wide. As we’re at the start of 2019, three HLB panellists will provide an update, analysis and opinion on how Transfer Pricing is impacted by today’s changing environment for international business, trade and tax. We will discuss how the drop

09 Jan

Withholding tax in France for individuals

After several years of discussions and postponements, withholding tax is for individuals has come into effect in France on 1 January this year. Althought this is common practise in for many countries worldwide, it is a big change for France and a major stake for the French administration. Prior to 2019, the tax was settled

14 Dec

Financial reporting in Poland now fully digital

Since 1 October 2018, traditional paper-form financial statements have been replaced with electronic (digital) ones. All entities maintaining books of accounts are affected by this change. Audit reports must also now be submitted in digital format. Items to be included in this digital file is the original financial statement, as well as a copy of

04 Dec

Client testimonial by JF Hillebrand

HLB and JF Hillebrand Our relationship does back nearly 2 decades to 1999 and through the years, we can proudly say that we saw our client grow significantly. “We work with a number of HLB member firms in respect of our multi-national operations covering thirty-one countries and have been very satisfied with the quality of